Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gilgamesh - Gilgamesh (1975)

01 - a) One End More - b) Phil's Little Dance (For Phil Miller's Trousers) - c) Worlds Of Zin
02 - Lady And Friend
03 - Notwithstanding
04 - Arriving Twice
05 - a) Island Of Rhodes - b) Paper Boat (For Doris) - c) As If Your Eyes Were Open
06 - For Absent Friends
07 - a) We Are All - b) Someone Else's Food - c) Jamo And Other Boating Disasters (From The Holiday Of The Same Name)
08 - Just C
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PE_35 said...

hi from canada,
when i click on the link, there's nothing.

thank you very much

MrC said...

big thanks!


Vadim said...

hi PE_35!
All links are working. Maybe there was some problem with your connection. Anyway, you can get requested material from RShare not directly, but instead using such soft as "RapidLeecher 5.1 - COM" (please,search it through your browser, with "Google").
Good luck to you!

edison007 said...

been itching to hear this one for a while - thanks!