Monday, December 11, 2006

Jan Akkerman - Tabernakel (1974)

01 - Britannia
02 - Coranto for Mrs Murcott by Francis Pilkington
03 - The Earl of Derby, his galliard by John Dowland

04 - House of the King
05 - A Galliard by Anthonie Holborne
06 - A Galliard by John Dowland
07 - A Pavan by Thomas Morley
08 - Javeh
09 - A Fantasy by Laurencini of Rome
10 - Lammy

68 Mb - Bitrate @256


Donald Paterson said...

I love this album. Just listened to it again tonight for the first time for maybe 20 years!

Matthew said...

if you could re-up this one to rapidshare, i'd be very grateful

don't have any jan and love to listen to it

jinggarc said...

link not found ! pls re upload this great album....


Dirty said...

Hey, can you upolad again, i found this album recently and i must say... Is just awesome, please a fan from France!

Anonymous said...

Akkerman's "Tabernakel" link seems to be broken.