Tuesday, December 12, 2006

John Lennon - The Village Tapes: Last Sessions (1980 - Imtrat IMM 40.95015, 1995) - Bootleg!

01 - Well Baby
02 - I Found Out
03 - When A Boy Meets A Girl
04 - Be My Baby
05 - Dear Yoko
06 - Just Like Starting Over
07 - No.9 Dream
08 - Luck Of The Irish
09 - Move Over Miss L.
10 - Real Love
11 - Out Of The Blue
12 - What You Got
13 - Love
14 - Imagine
15 - Well Well Well, Part 1
16 - Well Well Well, Part 2


72 Mb - Bitrate @192


Vadim said...

T'is f**kin' Bugger Better (I mean Blogger Beta) have lost my account once again. So I've lost THIS MY BLOG "rare-n-vintage.blogspot.com". I've done all I've had to do, using Blogger Help, but nothing!.. There's no reply from its team on my questions. Ok, anyway I can handle with it for myself...
And now you can move to my NEXT blog -

Bye! Vadim

Stepping Stone said...

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from Brazil

Old_Rocker_BR said...

Hi Vadim,

Your other blog is "dead" for various weeks.

New address or you close definitely?

You post big titles forever with great quality audio and images.

Tanks for your great job!!

DeltaT said...

love youre blog.

Can we link eachothers blog?

My blog: www.deltatgoesback.blogspot.com


Palbo said...

¿Vos te acordás de tu vida antes de nacer?


¿Vos te acordás del momento en el que naciste? ¿Te acordás del momento en el que empezaste a vivir?

No me acuerdo, ¿será que la transición del olvido a la consciencia es algo paulatino?

¿No será que cuando mueras va a ser igual?

Todo el mundo se acuerda de su primer recuerdo.

Si no, no sería el primer recuerdo.

Anonymous said...

hi vadim, no one of the blogs is working.....hoping to get any news from you
ciao, roberto

Fran Solo said...

Thanks for your return, Vadim.

marrau said...

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Anonymous said...

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